Gajorer Patishapta (A traditional Bengali Sweet)

‘Patishapta’ is the most popular form of ‘Pithe – Puli’. There are different varieties of it. Some makes the stuffing with evaporated milk or ‘khoya’ or ‘kheer’, some with ‘narkel ar Gur’ or coconut and jaggery. Some prepare the crepe batter with only semolina and all purpose flour, some with semolina, all purpose flour and… Continue reading Gajorer Patishapta (A traditional Bengali Sweet)

Chilli Fish

‘Chilli Chicken’ and ‘Chilli Fish’ is probably the most popular and easy Indo-Chinese recipe. I really don’t know why I didn’t post this recipe so far. When I was going through my photo archive I found that these photographs are there and I forgot to post this recipe. So I decided to post this recipe… Continue reading Chilli Fish