Bagara Baingan (Haydrabadi Eggplant Curry)

For a long long time I was planning to share the recipe of ‘Hydrabadi Bagara Baingan’. I really love the combination of peanuts, seasame seeds and coconut with some reular Indian spices. Adding peanut and sesame seeds gives very rich creamy texture. And it goes really well with ‘Hydrabadi Biryani’ and ofcourse with regular ‘roti’… Continue reading Bagara Baingan (Haydrabadi Eggplant Curry)

Chicken Keema Paratha (Indian Flat Bread with Chicken Filling)

‘Parathas’ are all time favourite Indian flat bread option in our house. I make different veg and non veg parathas for brunch or dinner. Though I already have shared ‘Stuffed Keema Paratha’ earlier but this is the latest in the row. It is very simple and easy to cook non-veg flat bread option. Try this… Continue reading Chicken Keema Paratha (Indian Flat Bread with Chicken Filling)

Potol Korma (Spicy Pointed Gourd Curry)

‘Potol’ or pointed gourd is one of my favourite vegetables. Every year I prepare different dishes with ‘potol’. This particular recipe is my Mom’s favourite. She likes dishes with less spice and sweet. It is a perfect blend of spice and sweetness. You can serve this dish with simple steamed rice or pulao…Either in lunch… Continue reading Potol Korma (Spicy Pointed Gourd Curry)