Sukha Aloo (Spicy Dry Potato Curry)

Potato is a staple vegetable in every household. And varieties of recipes can be prepared using this vegetable. Though my family is not very fond of potatoes but sometimes they enjoy eating potato curries too. My today’s recipe, ‘Sukha Aloo’ can be served as a appetizer or snack or as a side with ‘fulka’ or… Continue reading Sukha Aloo (Spicy Dry Potato Curry)

Dalia Khichri (Broken Wheat Khichri)

‘Dalia’ or broken wheat is one of the popular food grains of India. And it is healthy and easy to cook too. I have shared few recipes with ‘dalia’ like ‘Dalia Upma’ and ‘Veg Pulao with Dalia’. Today I’m sharing another recipe with ‘dalia’ and vegetables. Here I have used only carrot and beans but… Continue reading Dalia Khichri (Broken Wheat Khichri)