Empanadas (with Vegetable & Boiled Egg filling)

Baking is always therapeutic to me. Whenever I feel down or restless, I prefer to bake something. It gives immense satisfaction & peace in mind. During the lockdown, we have little choice but to cook with whatever available. So I baked Empanadas using leftover vegetable Au Gratin and adding some boiled eggs and of course… Continue reading Empanadas (with Vegetable & Boiled Egg filling)

Pyaaz Kachori (Onion Stuffed Indian Snack)

I tried this ‘kachori’ from roadside tea-shop while our trip to Gujarat. It was crisp from outside with tangy and spicy onion filling. They served with sweet tamarind chutney but I feel it tastes better with coriander-pudina chutney. Choice is yours. It requires regular spices that we use in our everyday cooking and patience to… Continue reading Pyaaz Kachori (Onion Stuffed Indian Snack)

Koraishutir Chop (Green Peas Croquet)

Every winter buying green peas or ‘koraishuti’ is a regular affair. However, now a days we can easily buy throughout the year because of packager or frozen peas readily available in market. But fresh peas have their own taste. Every year ‘Koraishutir Kochuri’ (Green Peas Kachori) is prepared in every Bong kitchen with ‘Niramish Aloo… Continue reading Koraishutir Chop (Green Peas Croquet)

Chicken Tava Masala (Skillet Roasted Spicy Dry Chicken Curry)

Few months back I was planning to prepare ‘Chicken Tikka Kebab’. But due to some emergency I had to leave house. Since I already had marinated the chicken, I had to cook it in hurry. However, trust me it came out really well. Today I found these photographs in my photo bank and thought of… Continue reading Chicken Tava Masala (Skillet Roasted Spicy Dry Chicken Curry)