Mochar Cutlet (Banana Flower Cutlet)

‘Mocha’ or banana flower is our family favourite. I cook different dishes with ‘Banana Flower’ quite often. Recently a few days back I prepared ‘Mochar Cutlet’. The sweet, spicy and crispy ‘Mochar Cutlet’ is good both as an appetiser, starter or snacks. Roasted and crushed peanuts give a nice crunch in the cutlet. Though preparing… Continue reading Mochar Cutlet (Banana Flower Cutlet)

Bandhakopir Pakora (Cabbage Fritter)

We quite often prepare ‘Bandhakopir Pakora’ or cabbage fritter. Crispy fritters with cabbage and onion tastes awesome when served hot with cup of tea as evening snack. You can also serve this as sides with rice and ‘dal’ too. Usually I prepare this ‘pakora’ with fresh cabbage in winter. But yesterday I couldn’t resist myself… Continue reading Bandhakopir Pakora (Cabbage Fritter)

Paneer Stuffed Fish Roll (Indian Cottage Cheese Stuffed Fish Croquet)

I love to experiment with cooking whenever I get any opportunity to do. Last week end when my school friends decided to arrange a potluck party, I took the responsibility of preparing the starter. I knew that I have to prepare something different yet tasty. First I decided to prepare my Mom’s signature dish …… Continue reading Paneer Stuffed Fish Roll (Indian Cottage Cheese Stuffed Fish Croquet)