Sukha Aloo (Spicy Dry Potato Curry)

Potato is a staple vegetable in every household. And varieties of recipes can be prepared using this vegetable. Though my family is not very fond of potatoes but sometimes they enjoy eating potato curries too. My today’s recipe, ‘Sukha Aloo’ can be served as a appetizer or snack or as a side with ‘fulka’ or… Continue reading Sukha Aloo (Spicy Dry Potato Curry)

Chichinga Chorchori (Snake Gourd Stir Fry)

Today I’ll share a very simple house recipe of ours with ‘Chichinga’ or snake gourd. My grandmother used to prepare this simple vegetable dish. Our house used to filled with the tempering of ‘panch foran’ (Bengal five spices) and ‘shukno lanka’ (red whole chilli). And she used to serve this curry with ‘gorom ruti’ (hand… Continue reading Chichinga Chorchori (Snake Gourd Stir Fry)

Bagara Baingan (Haydrabadi Eggplant Curry)

For a long long time I was planning to share the recipe of ‘Hydrabadi Bagara Baingan’. I really love the combination of peanuts, seasame seeds and coconut with some reular Indian spices. Adding peanut and sesame seeds gives very rich creamy texture. And it goes really well with ‘Hydrabadi Biryani’ and ofcourse with regular ‘roti’… Continue reading Bagara Baingan (Haydrabadi Eggplant Curry)