Dudhi Na Muthiya / Lauki Muthiya (Steamed Bottle Gourd Snack)

This is a typical Gujarati recipe that can be served as breakfast, brunch or lunch or any point of time. It can be prepared with regular pantry items. This is a complete food balanced with carbohydrate and vegetables. It is a little time consuming but worth preparing this dish as it can be stored for… Continue reading Dudhi Na Muthiya / Lauki Muthiya (Steamed Bottle Gourd Snack)

Club Kachori (Indian Fried Bread)

‘Club Kachori’ is very famous in Kolkata. There is a famous vegetarian fast food joint in Kolkata named ‘Sharma’s’, that serves superb ‘Club Kachori’. I had once and decided to prepare at home. It was superb at first attempt. I tried this recipe at the beginning of lockdown, and though that will prepare later once… Continue reading Club Kachori (Indian Fried Bread)

Sabudana Pulao (Tapioca Pearl Pulao)

‘Sabudana’ or tapioca pearl is a very common breakfast option in Western part of India. Different preparation with ‘sabudana’ is prepared mainly during the days of fasting, like ‘Sabudana Khichri’, ‘Sabudana Vada’, ‘Sabudana Paratha/Chilla’. I remember my childhood days when ‘Thakuma’ (paternal grandmother) used to prepare ‘Sabudana Khichuri’ with moong dal on the days of… Continue reading Sabudana Pulao (Tapioca Pearl Pulao)