Macher Dimer Jhuri (Crispy Roe Crumble)

Fish egg or roe is prepared in different ways in different parts of the world. It is widely used in Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe. While we Bengalis mainly fry the roe, people from South East Asian countries have this in raw form with Sushi or with Rice with dash of lime, olive oil , and salt-pepper.Bengalis mostly like to have ‘macher dim’ as ‘Macher Dimer Bora’. Today I’ll share a very old recipe of from Bong Kitchen i.e. ‘Macher Dimer Jhuri’. It is a delicacy in many Bengali households. We Bengali’s love to eat each and every part of…


Macher Dimer Bora (Fish Egg Fritters)

If the word ‘fish eggs’ makes you think of those shiny red pearls called ‘caviar’ then you are wrong! The fish eggs that makes us salivate is the common sweet water fish eggs mostly ‘Rohu’ or ‘Carp’. These are the unprocessed, basic egg that comes right out of the fish without any kind of curing. The golden coloured ‘Macher Dimer Bora’ (Fish Egg Fritter) is loved by all with steamed rice and some ‘Peyaj dea Musur Dal’ with a dash of lemon. These sweet water fish eggs are easily available and affordable by all. Previously it used to be available…

Egg Tadka (Whole Black Gram with Egg)

‘Egg Tadka’ probably the most popular choice amongst all Punjabi food in Bengal! It is the most common choice of most of us. I often cook ‘Tadka’ at home be it ‘Chicken Tadka – Dhaba Style’, ‘Egg Tadka’ or ‘Dhaba Style Fried Egg Tadka’. These recipes are very easy to cook and yummy in taste. I like to use Kali Dal or Whole Black Gram to cook ‘Tadka’ but it can always be substituted with Whole Green Moong Beans. Very few uses Kali Dal for tadka, most people use Whole Green Moong Bean. Taste wise these two differs a little….

Chicken Tadka – Dhaba Style

After the ‘Punjabi Dal Makhani’ turned out to be the most viewed recipe in my blog, among all dal or tarka dal recipies, I decided to post a few more variations of ‘Tadka Dal’, the kind which is very popular across Kolkata, especially in Dhabas of West Bengal. Needless to say for most of us ‘Tadka Dal’ is the most common and popular dish to be ordered widely in Dhabas and Restaurants. The first one is with Chicken and the other one is with egg (Egg Tadka).‘Chicken Tadka’ is one of my favourite items whenever I dine in Dhaba. It…

Punjabi Dal Makhani (Punjabi Creamy Lentil)

‘Dal Makhani’ or ‘Dal Makhni’ is a popular dish originating from the Punjab region of India. The primary ingredients in ‘Dal Makhani’ are ‘kali dal’ (whole black lentil) with ‘rajma’ (red kidney beans) adding a lot of butter and cream. Dal Makhani is always on our menu whenever we dine outside specially at highway dhabas. I tried many times to get the Dhaba taste in the ‘Dal Makhani’ I make at home but it never came close. This time it was pretty close! It’s called as ‘Dal Makhani’ as it is made with ‘dal’ (whole black lentils and red kidney…

Bahari Begun (Eggplant with Sesame and Poppy Seed Paste)

‘Bahari Begun’ is a very easy and quick recipe which I have learned from a post of Chhanda Mitra in one of the food group. Credit goes to her for sharing such a tasty recipe…. Though I have modified the recipe a little depending on my taste and named it as ‘Bahari Begun’. It turned out so nice that I thought of sharing this recipe with you! The ingredients that I have used are easily available and goodness of this recipe is, it can be cooked in very few minutes. So, here is the recipe of ‘Bahari Begun’.

Begun Basanti (Eggplant in Yogurt-Mustard Sauce)

In Bengali we call Eggplant as ‘Begun’ which literally means no goodness (Be-gun). But ‘Begun’ is a very tasty, popular and important vegetable in Bengali kitchen as many veg and non veg dishes are cooked with it. This is one of my favourite vegetables too. This vegetable is used in many veg (Shukto) or non veg (Illish Begun) dishes. ‘Begun Basanti’ is a very traditional cuisine which I learned from my mother which she learned from my Thakuma (Grandmother). I have cooked this recipe for the first time in lunch. And it was so tasty and flavorful you can’t imagine….