Gota Seddho (Whole Vegetables Cooked with Pulses)



Before I go into the recipe of ‘Gota Seddho’ let me tell you the recipe that I’ll share today is my family recipe of ‘Gota Seddho’. I have cooked it the way my Thakuma used to cook and Maa has taught me to cook. It is not that the blackish brown coloured lentil soup with veggies is very appealing to look but tastewise it is just awesome. Normally it is cooked on Saraswati Puja and consumed on the next day that is on ‘Shetol Shosthi’. In my home we offer this ‘Gota Seddho’, ‘Begun Pora’, ‘Mishti Doi’ and ‘Panta Bhat’ to goddess Saraswati as ‘Bhog’.

Now, there are many different versions of this dish. Each home in Bengal has its own little touch to ‘Gota Seddho’. I closely followed my Maa-Thakuma’s recipe, as narrated by my Maa. To finish off I heated up mustard oil, tempered it with few dry red chillis and added that oil to finished ‘Gota Seddho’.

Ingredients to serve 5

  • Panch Korai or Mixed Dal (Pulses) – 1 ½ cup (Easily available in any grocery store or departmental store)
  • Aloo or Small Potato – 5
  • Ranga Aloo or Red Potato – 1 big or 4 samll
  • Puli Begun or Small Eggplant – 5
  • Whole peas in their pods – A handful
  • Sheem or Flat Beans – 10-12
  • Spinach with stems – ½ bunch
  • Sojne Phool or Drumstick Blossom – A handful
  • Mustard Oil – 3 Tbsp
  • Dry Red Chilli – 4 nos


  1. Add enough water to the pot to cover the veggies and dal.
  2. Add salt to taste.
  3. Cook till dal and veggies are done. When done, dry off excess water if you wish.
  4. Heat up 3 tbsp of Mustard Oil in a separate kadhai/pan.
  5. Temper the hot oil with 4 Dry Red Chillis. Added the Oil+Red Chillies to the cooked dal.


~ The day before cooking, soak mixed dal in enough water.


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