Doi Begun (Eggplant with Yogurt)

‘Doi Begun’ is a classic Bengali dish. Brinjals with yogurt and mustard gravy is a combination that is very much appreciated in Bengali homes. We make this dish throughout the year. My version of ‘Doi Begun’ is slightly different from the classic ‘Doi Begun’ recipe. In my recipe Brinjals are pan fried and then served with yogurt with ‘chaunk’ or tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves. Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking at all. This recipe is just a miracle and works as instant problem solver. Though it goes with Roti/Chapatti/Fulka but it accompanies with rice as well.


2 Brinjal or Eggplant – medium
½ tsp Mustard Seeds
2 – 3 (Slitted) Green Chilli
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
250 gms Yogurt
to taste Salt – According
1 tsp Sugar
¼ cup Mustard oil
1 tsp Oil
2 Tbsps Fresh Coriander Leaves – (Chopped)
2 sprigs Curry Leaves


  1. Cut Brinjal lengthwise thick pieces. Marinate the pieces with turmeric powder and salt.
  2. Heat mustard oil in a non stick pan and fry those brinjal pieces on low-medium heat until it becomes soft and turn brown. Arrange them on the serving bowl/dish.
  3. Beat the yogurt with salt and sugar and spread it on the fried brinjals.
  4. Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan and add mustard seed. When seeds splutter add curry leaves and fry for 5-6 seconds. Pour it on the brinjal-yogurt.
  5. Garnish with slitted green chillies and chopped coriander and cover for 5 minutes
  6. Serve with plain roti/chapatti/fulka.


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