Mango Sandesh (Mango Fudge)

Today I’m going to share a recipe which is much loved by Bongs … ‘Mango Sandesh’ (Mango Fudge). We Bengalis are known for our passion for food especially for sweet like ‘Rosogolla’ and ‘Sandesh’. And mango is the king of all fruits to me. Since this is the season of mango why not to share a very simple ‘Mango Sandesh’ recipe with very few ingredients!

I made this ‘Mango Sandesh’ for my childhood friend whom I mate after 22 long years. The ‘Mango Sandesh’ I made for this occasion came out much more than I expected. It has a nice sweet aroma and a lovely bright summery colour of the ‘Himsagar’ mangoes. Unlike regular ‘Sandesh’ it has a creamy, melt in the mouth textures. So enjoy this sweet treat!

  • Servings: 8-piece
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Print


  • Cuisine: bengali
  • Passive Time: 60 mins
  • Course: dessert
  • Preparation Time: 20 mins
  • Cooking Time: 45 mins


1 cup Chhana or Chenna (Homemade Soft Paneer)
2 tsps Milk Powder
3 tsps Sugar
1 cup Mango Pulp
Pistachio and Almond – For garnish
2 – 3 drops Ghee


  1. Take 1 cup homemade chenna/soft paneer.
  2. Add 2 tsp sugar and mash with hands until smooth. Use the heel and palm of your hand to mash.
  3. In a pan take pulp of a sweet mango and 1 tsp sugar & cook it until thick. Check the sweetness of mango. Add more sugar according to your taste bud.
  4. Heat the masher chena mixture on a thick bottomed pan on medium flame. Cook for some time till the mixture comes out from the sides and oil starts to come out.
  5. Add milk powder and mango mix and stir until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. Stir continuously.
  6. Grease a plate with few drops of ghee. Flatten the mixture and leave it for sometimes to come into room temperature. Refrigerate it for few hours.
  7. Cut it in squares or any shape of your choice and garnish with chopped pistachio and almond. Mango Sandesh is ready to be served.


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